A Wonderful Recognition~

Many have read or heard about different charitable organizations that differ in their stewardship of donations. ICG is proud to announce we have recently been awarded a Gold Seal of Transparency by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information of nonprofit organizations. 

We are humbled by the progress we’ve been able to accomplish since starting in 2012, for the people we have had the honor of serving and befriending, for the families who have had fresh, nutritious vegetables added to their diets and to the local food outlets our gardeners have generously contributed to. Our many dedicated, selfless volunteers have created inclusive, engaging, fun garden atmospheres. We are making a difference!

As time has gone on, we were expecting and are indeed noticing, the general atmosphere and capital investment in the surrounding neighborhood are improving the conditions for everyone in the community, neighbors are coming out of their houses, talking to their neighbors and our beautiful gardens are becoming a true asset to all.

Little drops soon make an ocean.

Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers and partners who together have allowed us to serve those who so desperately need to be encouraged, supported and befriended; and, to the many people, businesses and local foundations who have allowed us to enlarge our opportunities in our growing communities. We are humbled and encouraged by your continuing faith and support in us.