ICG is in another contest~

for an exciting, fun, matching seed grant.

Starts tomorrow, Thursday12:00 PM EST.

The first 50 organizations to reach $600 in donations receives

an additional $400 grant by Seed Money.

Overall, we are looking to add $2500 to our finances during this campaign.

Of course, we can go over this amount as this campaign continues until Dec 15th.

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The key point is for our organization to be:

  • One of the first 50 organizations to raise $600,
  • Starting Thursday, Nov 15th  
  • 12:00 PM EST 

to earn the $400 matching grant.


This fund drive continues until Dec 15th, even if we don’t win the matching grant.

All money donated is tax deductible, as ICG is a recognized federally recognized charitable organization.

Luckily though, campaigns that don’t win one of the 50 challenge grants will automatically be entered into consideration for one of 50 $200 merit grants.

But we won’t focus on that now~

Let’s be one of those 50 teams to win that $400 grant!

  • Will you join us?
  • Will you share this post with your friends and family?

Thank You!