Your Chance to Make a Difference

Did you know ICG feeds more than 75 families with fresh vegetables, shares produce with nearby house-bound neighbors and local soup kitchens, and teaches gardeners how to use fresh produce in nutritious meals?

We also provide our neighbors near the garden with free, fun, child-centered activities, such as picking out beautiful flowers, potting them and taking them home to decorate their homes. Children are also encouraged to pick out a pumpkin to carve and take home.

We even have a great block party in August for all in the neighborhood to enjoy!

Through all of these activities, our garden volunteers get repeated opportunities to share love, compassion and friendship with folks who are often overlooked, but who still need to feel loved.

Perhaps you might want to join us in volunteering at one of our sites this upcoming season, or help with some of our fun activities. Think about it!

And, if you are so inclined and able, we would appreciate a donation to help us in our mission. You can do so easily by clicking on the donate button at the top right of this page.

Thank you, and may you and your family enjoy the coming year in the best of health, prosperity and joy!