Photos: Kids’ Pumpkin Day

Despite the overcast weather, Kid’s Pumpkin Day turned out quite nicely. Each of our three sites had many colorful pumpkins displayed by the garden entrance and tables were plied with gallons of fresh apple cider, donuts and apples. Eager volunteers attended to our many garden visitors and children, as they helped carve out each child’s specially selected pumpkins. A good time was had by all, but as you can see in these pictures, we think the kids enjoyed it the most.

We’d like to thank our volunteers for their continued support. Developing intimate fellowship and support while supplying garden members and their families with fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables wouldn’t be possible without the support of our many volunteers.

We are reminded of the verse, “Whatever you do for the least of Me, you did for Me.” We are humbled when we see the smiling faces of children at these free community events, and when we speak to our resident and volunteer gardeners, and learn what the garden environment has meant to them and their families. What a privilege it is for ICG and our team of supporters to serve them!

Please visit the ICG Facebook page for more pictures, and again, thank you!